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German women pictures.
With all responsibility Germans approach an equality question between floors. Only thirty years ago the place of the woman in life was defined by the well-known statement “Children, kitchen, church”, today the situation is a little in a different way. Now in the German society even the hint on operation of the woman in respect of a household is strictly blamed. If you make the statement among friends or at work that at your place cleans and only the wife prepares, will look sideways at you as here it is not accepted.

Most of women choose career as one of the most important components of their life. About seventy percent of women of Germany work, at the same time it is still difficult to combine education of children of preschool age and career. Kindergartens and all initial education system, are still counted that the woman after a lunch has to be at home.

In kindergarten to receive the place rather difficult, children are accepted only from three, is more rare since two years, and tutors only till one o’clock in the afternoon, at most look after till four o’clock them. At elementary school classes are given only till a lunch, naturally, of the child it is necessary to take away after lessons home, to feed and look after it the remained time. Not and just to connect it to the eight-hour working day therefore women of Germany who wish to make successful career give birth to children deeply later to thirty if at all they give birth.

There is a difference and in a salary for women and men at identical positions. As a rule, the female salary makes 77 percent of that sum which at similar work is received by the man. But equality between floors in Germany, and not only between floors, in all areas of life among which and professional, moves ahead at the legislative level.

For example, the special law establishes quotas at employment which define the number of women in this or that organization. If you settle to a position for which some more applicants with identical qualification apply, consider, the preference is given to women or disabled people.

Rather strongly women of Germany are protected in the social plan. If in a family there is a divorce, the alimony from the ex-husband is calculated by the organization where it works, even without reaching the payer, that is it completely has no opportunity not to pay. If the woman single mother or her is not enough the sum of the alimony, the state pays with it utilities or rent of housing, at the same time giving quite decent money for accommodation

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