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Cute young girl pics.
How do you want to say words
The fact that we are concerned, in the ears.
And phrases like fans,
Given the fresh wind suddenly.
To say so is just something evil.
But I thought of you,
And so beautifully simple,
How to call drops – in the spring.


You’re like a fine rose.
But there is a threat.
You are wonderful as the Goddess.
Like the sky you are beautiful.
No recriminations, no strife.
And perhaps we will soon,
Marry you.
My joy and love.


How I want to tell you,
What it is often very beautiful.
I can sing you,
Knowing the words are not in vain authorities.
I have more to say about
What you see are beautiful.
I’m talking about the feelings of his poems
I’ll tell you, now is not in vain.


Tell compliments modulations
We can in the most important day for us.
And let the sound of beautiful motives.
And let your eyes shine again for us.
And not faded stars in the sky –
We can sketch them lightly.
Let subside sparks and the flow of tears,
When you are ready, we meet

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