cute russian women 1

cute russian women 2

cute russian women 3

Russian woman all marked.
Qualities valuable therein:
It looks beautiful, the sea is famous for
And conquer Broadway.

Russian woman involved strong.
Difficulties her uneasy.
With home cope, everything goes wrong in her,
Wears cement with kirpichёm.

Wise woman! You of dispatcher
A friend and colleague, and mother!
You know how the rest of the profit is multiplied,
Where to put and where to take.

Russian woman all provided.
There is no lack of anything:
Forces diehard, never-ending cases
In the evening, morning and afternoon.

Russian woman is so changeable.
Instantly forgetting things,
The dance will begin to spin, make friends with the song,
Will again cheerful.

Russian women are waiting for recklessly
Believing that happiness will come.
Everything produced is sold.
Optimistic people!

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