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Colombian women.
The Colombian women began vigorous activity in public life relatively recently. Only in 1957 by results of a national referendum on participation of women in elections, they acquired the suffrage. On the first elections their share made 42% of total number of voted.
In order that the woman was quite balanced in the rights that she it is similar to the man, had an opportunity to develop freely the human person, it is necessary to include activity of the woman in process of a social production and public life.
The Colombian society during the history divided kinds of activity on conditionally – man’s and is conditional – female. In this division power structures were always more available to men, than women, and in all spheres – both in social, and in economic, and in political, and even in family. Thus, the role of the woman in each of these spheres was reduced to an absolute minimum. Customs, culture and ideology which did not change for centuries dictated to the woman a role subordinated to the man. This postulate was thoroughly enshrined in the Constitution of 1886 where the woman not
admitted the member of society and the rights at it was no more, than at servants. In family questions she too had, practically, no right to vote.
With strengthening of democratic achievements the role of the woman in society began to increase in the country gradually. She acquired the right for education, and, therefore, had an opportunity to self-improve, develop in various directions, to be engaged in a production activity and to take more active part in life of society.
The full-fledged right to education by women of Colombia was acquired also in 1957. From this time already many thousands of women with success used this right. The aspiration of the Colombian women to graduate every year steadily grows and even already advances similar aspiration of the Colombian men

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