Bulgarian women 1

Bulgarian women 2

Bulgarian women 3

Bulgarian women.
Many ask the author: “Here, you lived in Bulgaria nearly 10 years. What there women? Better than ours?” With confidence I can tell that – it is not better. As well as everywhere – it is better to eat, it is worse to eat, “krasivsha” and not really, more thickly and more harmonously. Generally, for every taste. Girls as girls. Is more swarty than ours – well the sun shines more often there. In general – – it is better than a figure at girls in Bulgaria, and, the frequent phenomenon – slender, figuristy mummies. Are painted more densely, more brightly, something is in it vicious, but also goes not all. Many are behind border – in Europe, in states so Bulgarians are more relaxed, than our girls. Not to be unfounded, for the first time on our blog a selection of photos of the Bulgarian girls. A picture is worth a thousand words …

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