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Bulgarian women pics.
Beauty of the Bulgarian women
The Bulgarian girls and women are definitely beautiful. East figures guitars with the extended slender waists, a narrow thorax, thin-boned, with long graceful hands prevail. The extended skulls, a beautiful shape of the head. In general Bulgarians, unlike Russians, refined and extended and much more graceful. The Russian women in general are wider, more dense, wide persons, waists, backs. The typical Russian figure, is quite long legs, a short wide trunk, a short neck, the head, round, a little flat on a nape. The hardy, country body adapted for big physical activities and severe weather conditions. Among Bulgarians there are a lot of tiny, thin and small. Painfully thick is not present at all. Full are available, but not among young people. It while the typical Bulgarian breakfast consists of a fat puff roll with sheep cheese-bannitsy or just cheap fat fancy bread and the sweet drink from wheat named by Bosa. Colors of coffee with milk. I cannot drink and eat it, carries instantly.
Bulgarians have magnificent hair curling or direct, whole shocks. Fine thin, smooth and swarty skin. Almost anybody has with it no problems. High humidity of air promotes maintenance of balance of humidity of skin. Always it is better for my skin there, than in Moscow. And hair curl, it is not necessary to stack.
From shortcomings: often east disproportion of a figure meets: short legs and excessively long waist. For example, if the girl is dressed in the short fitted jacket, then between the line of its lower fold and a belt of jeans with the underestimated waist it can appear the whole 10-15 cm! Many women who obviously had fine hair in youth by 50 – 60 years grow bald. On the street it is possible to notice many bald old women! Well and of course thin, long east aquiline noses. Such saygachya the charm can spoil any beauty.
By the way, about men and young men: they are good themselves too. Bodybuilding is very popular. Men watch themselves. They shave or depilirut legs, hands, a breast and a back! (very popular procedure in salons). Remarkably courageous and interesting faces in the spirit of the popular Yugoslavian actor Goyko Mitich (playing, as a rule, Indians-komanchey) meet. Are nonaggressive, quiet, quite precautionary. Girls are even more rough and more rigid in the address.
The culture of a body is developed very decently. The set of gyms is opened, children in large quantities are engaged in pools, for example, near our house on the seashore there are two big open thermal pools with mineral water. Children do swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, jumps from a tower all the year round. Many people run in park, on the beach regularly there take place beach volleyball competitions. It is a lot of courts and they are not empty. Though bodybuilding, of course, most important. It is a lot of obviously sports girls.
One of the most popular procedures in salons – depilation. In the list – a full set of zones of a body, including moustaches, eyebrows, the top part of legs and hands, a breast, a back and buttocks. In the Bulgarian maiden chats quite often it is possible to read something it seems: I get up in the morning, I take a shower, I shave legs and hands, I drink coffee, etc. Fight against hair – big care for Bulgarians.
The procedure for improvement of following in popularity is increase in a breast. In it Bulgaria obviously ahead of Russia. The breast is given on leaving school. On the beach, where through one Bulgarian topless, through two with an artificial breast. And implants obviously outdated, stand upright, and under a breast it is possible to make out hems from intervention. Lips do somehow less. Well and result, as a rule, terrifying. As for injections, apparently, do them very little. In Varna of all steam of salons where offer biorevitalization gilaurony or Botox. One acquaintance did injections of a gilauron, there was a small hillock on a forehead. It is made nonprofessionally.
Now about hairdresses: any Bulgarian beauty respecting herself will not go outside without laying. Often blowing the mind. Until recently piles in style of the 60th of the babette type were popular, for example. This summer for some reason in fashion of “wafer” – the hairdresser’s nippers doing hair small wavy. They are often used under the top locks for giving to a hairdress of additional volume. Or thus one lock in a hairdress is allocated. So do absolutely very young girls – schoolgirls are more often. In general, giving of volume is the main thing. Though, in my opinion, with such fine hair, it would be possible to be zealous not so. Sometimes looks it is elaborate. On a photo an example of the solemn laying made in the next hairdressing salon.
As well as many dark-haired people, Bulgarians like to become blondes. However, the red pigment in hair does not allow to achieve a worthy blond therefore various poserebryayushchy ottenochny balms are used that does color to even more unnatural. About modern hairdresser’s trends, like coloring to an ombra or laying “I only got up” there and had never heard and certainly, all natural, negligent and allegedly casual take for negligence.
Short hairstyles here – a nonsense. It is possible to see only on foreigners or on mannish women to whom laziness to take care of the own life. Bulgarians adhere to traditional ideas of feminity. And this with the fact that many define the Bulgarian society how matriarchy

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