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Bulgarian models.
As put on in Bulgaria
Now about footwear. On a photo display of the local shoe and haberdashery Sara PEN brand in local shopping center.
Bulgarians since the Volga Bulgar kingdom were able to work with skin well. Therefore a lot of footwear do. The design. Quite often come across to different degree of quality of a fake under the Italian models. But it is interesting just local and calculated on local taste. The high-rise heel and the hidden platform is an Alpha and Omega of the Bulgarian shoe industry. Gold, silver, buckles, heels, pastes, ruches, spangles, beads, guns, plumelets and pieces of fur. Generally, also ashes swelled, it is necessary to see it, indescribably
But there is a place and more responsible footwear. Here, for example, my favourite sandals which managed to be found in this bacchanalia. Obviously, the design is torn off from the Italian model, but workmanship very decent. This work costed 40 euros, mad to the Bulgarian measures.
Bulgarians in everyday life quite brightly put on. That is the above-stated footwear for many passes as “a shoe for every day”. And the festive clothes surpass all possible limits
Недавно, during a time final, even in the Russian mass media there were messages on scandalous dresses of the Bulgarian graduates. It was talked approximately of such toilets. The country very poor and, it is possible therefore people want bright, bright, defiant, it is associated at them with wellbeing, luxury. Perhaps, the southern mentality affects, and people unsophisticated, this Gipsy magnificence did not become boring to them yet.
I very much love this wonderful rural country on the suburb of Europe, still original, untouched the world migration, standards of the European Union and world fashion-trends. Of course, I wish to Bulgarians of prosperity and wellbeing, but God grant that Bulgaria longer remained such what it was and is – serene, a little thrown.
If remember, in one of movies about Harry Potter to competitions of wizards to Hogvards there came just the Bulgarian guys. They were strange, it is rather in Russian, than in Bulgarian are dressed, everything perfect other type of appearance, than radical inhabitants of school of wizards, and everything were very beautiful. It seems to me, with an ulterior motive showed Bulgarians in the movie. Bulgaria has a certain mystical reputation in Europe, thanks to the famous clairvoyant Vange. And also to a travolecheniye and trakiysky tombs. In any case, it is pleasant to me to think that this place of unusual force

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