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British women.
The British women are betrayed
The British men arise upon a good slap in the face. Did not manage to chop off fanfares after 10 thousand women during poll called British the sexiest men of the world as those answered the venerators with the most black ingratitude.

On survey conducted by the British men’s magazine FHM among 49 thousand readers, the British women nearly headed the list of the ugliest women of the world, having conceded only to residents of distressful Afghanistan. Russians of both floors (the Russian men did not give disloyalty signs to the compatriots yet) have reasons for indignation too. The Russian women did not get to ten the most beautiful, and instead appeared on the sixth place in “black list”. Unpopularity of Russians, perhaps, the fact that the tennis-player Anna Kournikova whose for years the image which is not descending from screens of TVs already fairly became boring was considered as a symbol of the Russian beauty recently and whose irresistibility causes disputes speaks,
including in Russia. And in the Moscow subway most of the British men, unfortunately, never went. However it is necessary only to be surprised why participants of poll did not remember about the compatriots about Kelly Brook, Catherine Zeta Jones and Rachael Stephens, and also about Elisabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, Juli Cristi and many others, the become famous for the whole world for the beauty, British women. So with what type of citizens of the country the British heart most often fades? Having learned the answer to it a question,
the Statue of Liberty risks to drop a torch in water. It appears, the British men it is crazy about Americans. They are followed by the Swede, Italians and Brazilians. However, as a consolation for the British women the fact that they were included after all into the list of beauties can serve, having occupied not the worst – the fifth place while Americans did not pass “black list” where they were the fourth.
1. USA
2. Sweden
3. Italy
5. Great Britain
6. Germany
7. Spain
8. France
9. Australia
10. Netherlands

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