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Belarusian women.
The Belarusian women, as well as all Slavs, differ in the natural genuine beauty. In their nature at the gene level softness of character, naivety, but at the same time and will power, determination, vigor is put. They are thin natures, are sensual, spiritually rich and very clever.
Women of Belarus are distinguished that they live better than women in other republics of the former Soviet Union. They win among them first place on a standard of living that naturally positively affects their mentality. Among the Belarusian women it is much more happy with the life and the financial and social status, than among women in other republics of the CIS. If to compare a standard of living among women in the republics of the CIS, then after Belarus, on the second place there were women of Moldova, on the third – women of Russia, then to representatives of Kazakhstan and Ukraine. And on the last place there are women of Tajikistan. At the same time quality of education, level of literacy of women, a percentage ratio of representation of women in public authorities was considered.
Inner world of the Belarusian women
But the main thing that you causes deep admiration in the Belarusian women – it is spiritual perfection, wisdom and a charm. The nature allocated them with tenderness, a subtlety, diligence and cheerfulness. In spite of the fact that the role of the woman increased in society, and many began to show big social activity, the Belarusian women still appreciate institute of a family and marriage and put it on the first place in the life.
Belarusian woman and family
The Belarusian women beautiful hostesses, good mothers and wives, but at the same time they are also well formed therefore not seldom do successful career. It is always interesting to communicate with them, they are capable to take any conversation, submitting the intellectual level. At the same time the Belarusian women, as well as all Slavs, are unpretentious, moderately modest and immensely kind. The nature it was given by the Slavic people special sensuality and altruism, aspiration to create around itself kindly. And, perhaps, there is no happiness in life bigger and, than to have the Belarusian wife

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