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Beauty of a girl on on this picture. The beautiful stranger, of course will lighten all of you mood and will adjust you only on positive emotions. The beautiful girl looks at you.
Spark on heart, a flame in a breast
Tenderness of sensual love blazed.
Tender hands, warm kind look,
Lovely smile, bodies aroma.
Slightly breathing – admiring, slowly to lips,
Having indulged in a delicacy, around the head,
All flies, rushes, blood boils, rages
Spark on heart, a flame in a breast.
Easy texture of languages inside,
Chill on a body, again everything burns,
Groan erotic the passion excites,
In a sincere smile we feel lips a sweet.
Stone look fixedly in eyes,
Tender movement to soft hair,
Having touched by a ringlet from a cheek to lips,
New wave to sweet corners.
These lines are addressed to this beautiful girl.

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