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Ukrainian women are more thrifty than men, according to a study the savings culture, conducted by IMAS International with the support of Erste Group, represented by the managing director of IMAS International Ungar Lёhnerom at a press conference in agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to him, it is very important consider saving 48% of Ukrainian women and only 37% of men.

67% of respondents set aside at least 550 UAH per month, and only 6% can replenish their savings more than 1.1 thousand UAH per month. The average citizen of Ukraine may delay 460 UAH per month, which is 48 USD less than the results of the 2010 study.

Among the concerns that prevent Ukrainians to save more or even to start saving money – a possible devaluation of the hryvnia and the high level of inflation.

Ukrainians prefer to keep money in cash (50% of respondents). At the same time, Ukrainians are increasingly beginning to use banking products – 32% of respondents lay on card accounts, 15% are deposits and only 8% are saving money on current accounts.

As A.Lёhner said about 81% of Ukrainians have a neutral or negative attitude towards investing in funds, stocks, bonds. The greatest interest in investment opportunities observed among the younger generation – some 74% of Ukrainians aged between 15 and 29 years are positive or neutral to investment

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