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Beautiful ukrainian Girl
Ukrainian woman
I think the main difference from the Ukrainian women’s European, is feminine. While in Ukraine, women dress so that emphasize their femininity, but are lacking in the rest of this femininity. Why do some Ukrainian women Ukrainian women have forgotten that femininity is manifested not only in clothing, but in behavior and lifestyle.
Today in fashion feminism – all men are by nature equal, and gender differences – are insignificant and are not considered. Therefore, many women behave like men, however, with the exception of stylish women. Stylish woman – a wise woman, and never will show his strength, both physical and spiritual, no matter in which country she lives. Stylish woman will not show that she’s smart, he knows everything and know how, that she is the best. Only nestilno silly woman would solve all of man: roughly manage it, to demand that it be a man listening to and gets angry and terribly nervous when something is not on it.
Among the friends I see many situations where women have the right to choose. They choose what to buy, where to go and what to do. Women are free to decide what furniture to buy, what the wallpaper pokleit where better serve the car. Their wives are constantly accuse their men that they are weak and they do not care at all and that they do not need anything, and so on. D.
As a man tell us much easier to give a woman to make a choice, then you try to explain to his wife why not buy a sofa for a month, and for some reason did not go to the restaurant where she wants. All the same, it will end one – the wife will be offended, will say: “You do not love me and I do not respect a blank space for you,” and many more that will be accompanied by shouts, crying, closing the bathroom or bedroom, while the woman does not get her.
As a result, very quickly it becomes so, that my wife has everything resolves itself, and the husband takes the position: do what you want, just do not bother me.
Ukrainian women are now resemble boys – teenagers who start to smoke, drink alcohol, swear and spit on the floor that would emphasize her courage. And think of it, they look older. All that is now done by women, so it’s trying to be cool men that generally can not be, because in order to be cool man you must first be a man. For me it is not clear why the woman to prove his toughness to become a man.
Previously, I did not attach any special significance, considering that has always been so, and in the nature there are no girls who curl when they hear what is not beautiful words, or blush from some vulgar jokes that it’s only in fairy tales there is a female dignity and femininity. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I met a girl, close to where the other women, though uncouth lump of stone. The main thing about her is that she was not afraid to be a woman, she understood perfectly well – that a woman makes a stylish woman and behaved most feminine.
She never tried to show that it is something better than me, never began to argue with me, and even though I asked her to go there, where does it go did not want to, she did not tell me that she was there did not want to go. She said, well go there but then let’s also another place to converge. She blackmailed me like other women, and has been with me as an equal and respected my opinion and my desires. She never tried to do something that requires at least some physical force, and even a bottle of “Pepsi” I just opened. She behaved as if I had something to her needs.
I think she understood that the man is completely satisfied when he feels his strength, and she knew that a man can not become stronger than it actually is. The woman, on the contrary, trying to show that it is weaker than it actually is. And the weaker will look like a woman, the more, in comparison with it, a man will look. My friend has always made a little effort, so I was happy with the result that I, in return, did everything to be happy she is.
Our men are in one voice declare that the Europeans they see a maximum of femininity, while less and less in the Ukrainka of femininity. I think men want to see next to a gentle fragile woman who is a mixture of romance, dreamy and feminine wisdom, instead of a sphinx of the opposite sex. I do not know about others, but it seems to me that the wife should be as “yin and yang”, which greatly differ from each other. A man wants to feel like a man, and the more he feels like a man than his wife looks feminine. When a woman is trying to be a man, the difference between man and woman becomes a lot less. The man in this case can not increase this difference.
Pawdite not to say that the majority of Ukrainian women want to be feminists. I am sure that many women want to be fragile, tender, charming, that would be loved and worn on the hands. There are women who intrinsically feminine, but because of their insecurity and uncertainty in life, uselessness status in the country, fear of being alone, just have to fight their way to power, therefore, outside their femininity not released. Women are afraid to be weak and tender, despite the fact that it is in their strength is also because our country lost the concept of chivalry. All men want to see next to a it is women who are gentle romantic, dreamy, fun, shamefaced, but nothing to do not. Adrift of poverty, do not try to get rich by using their masculine qualities, do not apply force to do with his wife Queen. And where have you seen that have worked Queen maids, waitresses, strippers and other tortured hard worker. So, dear men offended no one, we deserve, we have

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