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How he could, told

As mogla- told, and I transferred that her husband had already called the police, she was at my house and told to go back into the house.

Arrived, there were 2 cars, two officers, one to me out of the house, again scored by telephone interpreter, so with the help and talked all the time. I told him about what happened, how and what he said, my height, weight, and returned to her husband. The husband and his mother told the police, I came home and no reason is not a sudden began to beat, torture, scandals … The officer was surprised to look at me (height 167, weight 50 kg), the husband of the growth of the same, but pumped trains , mother below, but twice as wide.

Then the officer came back to me, again through an interpreter interviewed and said that all realized and concluded that I am considered a victim of domestic violence. Then the officer gave me a ticket with the address of the court, he said during the 5 days to come back, to tell the defender and there decide what, and how to do next. He said the address of the hospital where I go for help (much cuts the right side), but since there are no visible traces of severe beatings, I any help they can no longer.

Girls such a problem, a big city, I am extremely poorly guided only in their locality. I myself did not get to the office of the court, I just do not know how. Here I do not know anyone, and how to ask for help, credit card, he yesterday took a taxi is no longer may know someone, whether it makes sense to call once more the 911, and through a Russian interpreter, found yesterday officer can man be obliged to take me to the office and to the hospital.

The husband asked, but he flatly refused. It hurts, I’m afraid that the liver.

People what to do? Tell me something !!! ”

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