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Every year, thousands of Russian women marry Americans and continue to live in America. According to the US Department of Justice over the last 10 years in the United States from Russia and the CIS countries have left more than 100 thousand brides and 90 percent of them became American wives. And statistics show that the flow of Russian women in America is growing. This is not surprising. Only in the “World Wide Web” at the moment there are more than 800 American and Russian marriage agencies.
Every woman regardless of nationality wants to have a happy normal family, a beloved and caring husband, healthy and happy children. And here in America, I am familiar with such a lucky girl. More recently, in a social network, I met by chance with her countrywoman from Krasnodar, who is now 12 years living in America, he brings up 4 children and 2 grandchildren and absolutely happy with her American husband. The second American husband. With her first husband, whom she met on the internet and bore him two children in her family life failed. But the story I will tell you another time, but now I want to write about the Russian American wives, came to America in trouble.
Taking a walk across the expanses of the Internet, I came across a Russian Forums women in America and just horrified by the stories of some of his compatriots. I do not know all of these women, but reading their correspondence and requests for assistance was horrified. Poor, poor woman, how about a family they dreamed of in America, whether for a slave and a complete humiliation of life they wanted, leaving their homeland. Under the impression of reading, I decided to write this article. Perhaps my publication will help define Russian women dream of finding Prince Charming in America and make before flying to a distant country a hundred times to think and weigh the pros and cons of life with an American husband

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