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Beautiful italian women.
After article about the Italian men, – this could not but just appear. I admit honestly: my attitude towards Italians absolutely ambiguous. On the one hand I sincerely admire them, and with another I look with condemnation and, sometimes, with obvious misunderstanding …

There passed those times when the woman in Italy hid for the husband’s back, stayed at home and wore ordinary-looking suits with a skirt to the middle of caviar. Today the Italian is the stylish, brought-up and active woman. She gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning, equips the husband for work, and children in kindergarten, jumps out in a new sports suit to take out garbage and to brag of something to the neigbour. After that quickly runs for work or if does not work, behind purchases, at the same time having replaced a sports suit with heels and red lipstick. In a day she manages to make one thousand things and even to run to mother (yes, Italians cannot live far from mother too). By the way mothers quite often prepare on 2-3 families at once and containers send food to the neighboring streets!!! To evening of the woman do a dinner and a dressing down to the husband. Not important because of what, it is always possible to find what he was guilty of. The husband, as a rule, gets out very carefully because in case of divorce, the woman is provided on long for many years. And here it is impossible to lose and jump out for that dishwasher of my previous article. Therefore in Italy there are much more lonely men, than women.

As a rule in the real Italian family the woman is a leader, and not because it has a panel from the TV!!! She is the finance director even if does not work, and only she has the right to cry heart-rendingly “you that went crazy!!!” on the most modest proposal of the husband … And Italians very much and very often shout.
Of course, not all women such as I described, but their most part. About them it is possible to tell “too and at full tilt will stop a horse, and will enter the burning log hut”, but a difference with Russians – the attitudes towards men and with men. Italians listen to compliments since the childhood and perceive them as due, never suffer urging on and disrespect. And they are not afraid to remain one even if with three children!!! Though as a rule also do not remain

The Italian women it is always aware of the latest events of fashion, policy, the latest recipes, schedules of work state. establishments and life of neighbors. Here only I do not understand how such woman goes to restaurant with manicure of monthly prescription!!!
And as always for you the touching song of the broken male heart!!!
Biagio Antonacci – Quanto Tempo E Ancora

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