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Beautiful american women.
. The American women are too sexual at cinema and in children’s animated films, and on streets it is possible to see only ugly, not womanly, dressed in free jackets and the dangling trousers, in the crushed sneakers?
A. On streets of Fairbanks it is possible to see people of the most various nationalities and social groups, and mixture of blood gives such interesting appearance. It is a lot of very womanly, watching themselves and sexual Americans. Trouser suits, jeans or shorts it is more preferable since most of women steer cars. But quite often from cars ladies in short short skirts and graceful footwear flutter out. Americans are same different, as well as the Russians living in the large cities. And preferences nevertheless are given to functional, convenient, crease-resistant clothes and sports, easy shoes. Yes, at this rhythm of life not everything (itself, before from the apartment without fighting coloring not leaving, threw a cosmetics bag now) use cosmetics, but if skin and hair healthy, and in the opinion of young and happy gloss, cosmetics is already not so necessary

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