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Beauty – a loose concept as it consists of a set of other concepts, such as a combination of external appeal of the person and his spiritual development. I will not say that beauty – not the main thing in the person. The mankind aspired to fine, perfect and, first of all in own appearance at all times. Such aspiration also generated an image of ideal appearance.
Beautiful woman, what it? The West extended opinion that the ideal woman is white, high, harmonous, with beautiful forms the girl having big eyes and beautiful chubby lips. However the image of the ideal girl of “West”, in the east is not considered a standard of female beauty at all. Asian women do not seek to be “dystrophic” or to have ideally straight nose and “big” lips. Despite different languages, a religious and ethnic origin, all Asian women unites aspiration to have white skin which is considered an ideal of female beauty.
Light skin is considered not just more attractive, for example, at the Vietnamese women it is associated with wealth and high education level as to rich people not to have to be under the scorching sun beams in operating time, unlike low sectors of society of “workers and peasants”. Also times of conquerors of colonialists from Europe which had a light shade of skin are considered as a source of the fact that light skin became the standard of appeal. Before white women all doors are open, they have an opportunity for career development, it is successful to marry. For example, in India, for the groom white skin of the bride is appreciated above, than her higher education. And each Thai girl considers that if she has a light skin, then it is waited by many men and money. As all famous and successful people, superstars of cinema – white-skinned, they want to be as the superstar.
In Thailand and in other countries of Southeast Asia, more dark skin in language is designated by expressions with negative implication. The most widespread insult – tua dam, or “a black body”. Usually award with such expression the person from lower social groups.
Naturally, the aspiration of Asian women to have light skin did not remain unaddressed the cosmetic industry which uses an image of the white-skinned beauty the last 10 years. The clarifying creams, masks, peelings and other cosmetics for bleaching of skin are made not only the local companies, but also cosmetic giants, such as L´Oréal, Olay, Elizabeth Arden and Nivea. Naturally, advertizing and sale of these means are not intended for “white” part of the world.
The role in promotion of light skin is played, of course, by cinema and advertizing. Made huge success of South Korean series in the region stars with light skin a standard of Asian beauty.
Advertizing of the bleaching cosmetics propagandizes light skin as healthier and beautiful. According to researches, 64% of respondents from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan told that light skin gives them feeling of youth. A half of Filipinos, 45% of residents of Hong Kong and 41% of Malayans reported that they use any product for clarification of skin.
During this time very many women became the victims of promotion of light skin as ideal of female beauty. Striving for perfection, Asian women buy up in large quantities cosmetics, for clarification of skin, thereby, risking to do much harm thoroughly the appearance.
Of course, the majority of the creams bleaching skin are safe, however many doctors, the organizations of consumers speak about negative and dangerous consequences of a pursuit of light skin. Many women use strong creams not for designated purpose, putting them in big proportions instead of clarifying separate darkenings.
Poor areas in the South and the southeast of Asia often are a sales market of the inexpensive goods made in the black market which part strong substances which are absolutely legal are. After application of “such” bleaching means the result happens quite deplorable.
Fever of bleaching of skin extends by no means not only to the person. Producers make creams for clarification of the most dark sites of skin in armpits, and also nipples on a breast which after application of this means become pink. The women working at offices, apply sun-protection means, put on special masks the person and tightly close open parts of the body not to receive suntan on the way to work.
Management on food and medicinal goods of Thailand published the list from 70 means for bleaching of skin which illegally are on sale in the country. The Indonesian officials revealed more than 50 forbidden cosmetics.
But there are also fears concerning legal creams. Most of doctors claim that hydrochinone which dermatologists prescribe for elimination of defects of skin can become cancerogenic if to use its rather long period in high doses. In 2005 two doctors published article in which called long use of creams on the basis of hydrochinone “a potential time bomb” in one of the European medical magazines.
Of course, in Asia there are women who prefer suntanned skin. In Japan there are young girls who already about ten years regularly visit sunbeds. However they are “black sheep” in the Japanese society and in all Asia

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