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asian women love






Asian women love.
Love. Two angels kiss
Cilia cute sleepy eyes.
Love you. Let angels dance
And protect us from adversity.
I love you. The light in the eyes of the plays
Vain life lighting the way.
You’ll be next. The heart stops,
Peace and joy filled his chest.
I will not betray. I will not break words –
You are my air, thee only breathe.
I wound heals, can warm the soul.
And you do not betray me – please.
I’ll be there. From anguish and misery
In her bosom you will hide,
In the darkness of the night, I will kindle a light for you,
You just be always beside me.
You do not deceive me. Love
Insidious lie killing.
Lie for love – terrible knife.
Fools fatal error.
In me no doubt. I like,
You only ask for love advice.
Only her, I carefully stored for you,
In doubt only love will give all the answers.
Kill pride. The enemy is love,
It fogs the mind, heart blinds.
Pride builds walls – not bridges
Valentine’s distancing from each other.
Love thee blessed us
And guardian angels gave,
And two souls into one united
A single soul – the two wings.
And if you vnemlesh my supplication,
And, if you believe that love is all-powerful,
I give to my life forever you.
Before love even death powerless.

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