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American models.
Pluses of Americans
1) Some parts of a body at them are simply smart, mainly a bum and a breast. I always say that if our Russian little girls would have same hypertrophied relief back and chest forms … that I, probably, would never depart 2) Every day she dresses new clothes
3) A tremendous freedom in everything
4) Independence
5) “Technical” development
6) Initiative
7) “Fast ignition” on life
8) Hollywood smile
9) – it is not necessary to drive availability month in restaurant and to buy every day a rose to begin to meet it, often everything can be “issued” in 2, at most 3 days.
Minuses of girls in America:
1) Well just VERY FEW really normal – the majority thick, and, strangely enough, not in a paunch, and in legs! Living here, involuntarily you develop a certain rule always to look at legs before drawing some conclusions concerning the charming person standing behind a rack or a counter as in 50-60% of cases you have chance to find there two elephant giants
2) In total as one use just terrible perfume with a sweet smell.
3) Practically each American does not know what is style and as it is necessary to put on not to look as a garden scarecrow. Be not surprised if the first girl whom you will meet on the street in the USA is in huge dimensionless wide trousers with the inscription “Love PINK” together with some dreadful shirtfront and a counterfeit bag “Louis Vyyuton”
4) At absolute majority – short legs
5) Americans sometimes have less Natural parts of a body, than digital signs in the janitor’s salary. Everything, beginning from teeth and finishing a breast, here is subject to “doctor’s correction”, popular in the USA, I do not even speak about tons of a meykap on a face. As a result you have frequent feeling that before you some plastic Barbie doll, but not the living person
6) After a view of much, washed from a make-up faces to begin to watch the first that it occurs to put out of itself eyes at something else
7) Absolutely shapeless and terrible hairdresses
8) Mediocrity in everything – clothes, jewelry, a make-up, use objects, etc.
Besides all this, the American girls pay for themselves at restaurants and movie theaters, often call you to themselves home, like to be driving in the car filled by guys and irrepressibly stir in an occasion and without it much. I still do not cease to laugh when I see the car which arrived from some party of which 5 huge guys of passengers and one fragile girl the driver fall out!
In general, in my opinion, Americans lose to the Russian little girls, but at the same time on the are interesting and have a number of features pleasant and not inherent in the Russian

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