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American girls.
The American girls cause the most inconsistent opinions. Someone is crazy about them, to someone they seem just terrible. Below you will read that I think of them, having lived one and a half years in the USA.
Let’s begin with the fact that they cause the most inconsistent thoughts in me too, but about everything one after another.
First. As my practice, most of the American girls much more independently than the analogs in Russia showed. Here she does not need to explain how to drive the car how to look for cheap plane tickets on the Internet or to give a kick that it, at last, went to a gym. All know everything and do independently, moreover they try to give to you advice or to tell what to do. Each girl in the USA since small years is brought up to try to obtain everything in life: to earn money, to achieve the put results and to be not less initiative in every respect, than her guy.
Secondly. In the USA it is accepted to do what you want to do, without taking a steam bath at all that others think, looking at you (the most free country in the world :)). As nobody else submits to this secret law a female half of the population. On the one hand it is very good, all always express the opinion, try to argue and draw conclusions. On the other hand, it went beyond all limits, and people just forgot that they live in society what is fashion, beauty, style, identity, etc. Naturally it is reflected in the female population which constantly tries to prove that it same, as well as man’s

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