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American girl images.
America – the country multinational. The American women are as a big and beautiful multi-colored bouquet. Clean some flower and a bouquet will lose the charm. I want to share own supervision over Americans during the arrivals to the USA.
Beauty in American
Standard of the American beauty – a snow-white smile and well-groomed hair. Most of the American women prefers to wear the hair long. They can be collected on a nape in a horse tail. The hairdress looks strictly and pertinently when the lady comes to office. In an informal situation hair can be set beautifully, and they as expensive frame frame a face and do it more attractive. Many young girls and women prefer to carry hair to shoulders everywhere. What is interesting, becoming is more senior, many ladies do not leave this hairdress.
Communicating with the American women in a different situation, noticed that they observe a dress-code when they at office, and are very unchained concerning clothes when visit shops, clinics and other offices. Never I had to see the American in an evening dress and high-heeled, going to a supermarket behind purchases. A usual dress for a visit of shop – jeans, a topic or a jacket, standing convenient footwear on a low heel.
Several words about a make-up. It is clear, that the lady cannot come to work in a full fighting coloring: it will a little tint eyes, will recover slightly the person blush and will powder a nose powder in tone to the skin. For issue (guests, restaurant, theater) the woman will use brighter cosmetics and will dress up as appropriate.
Sometimes I caught myself that I very much like young slender afroamericans. Even very bright make-up looks on their in the afternoon black as night the person, extremely beautifully. Proud landing of the head, the graceful movements, beautifully set hair from a set of braids make them similar to precious figurines from ebony.
The USA – the country where there is no division into man’s and female professions. Women on an equal basis with men do military service, send them to “hot spots”, as well as any soldier of the American army. Women serve on aircraft carriers and submarines. You can imagine, the women’s service on warships in the conditions of the closed space is how hard!
Many women want to have prestigious work. The road to it lies through college or university. Who has a financial opportunity can continue the education at the most prestigious universities of America.
At desire the woman can make an outstanding career: to become, for example, the famous scientist as professor Gillian Benfild who got an award of UNESCO for the researches, or the famous politician as Nancy Pelosi who was many years the speaker of the House of Representatives.
Once I was surprised up to the soul depth when I on the TV saw how the crew from elderly women tiles the house for the lonely poor woman who had no money for repair of a roof. They fearlessly sat on rafters, stacked a tile, cheerfully exchanged words among themselves. All these ladies worked many years in construction companies krovelshchitsa! And being on pension, they organized crew of volunteers which comes to the rescue of people.
Many Americans do not hurry with marriage, believing that at first it is better to graduate and promote, and then it is possible to think also of a family.
In the American families there are a lot of children. 2-3 children are usually, but in some families of the woman give birth so much how many God will send. Especially it is characteristic of the Mexican families. So far small children mother, as a rule, is at home. As soon as they went to school, the woman prefers to begin to work again as very often there is not enough money of the head of family. To cover all expenses of a family.
It is necessary to mention single mothers. As a rule, it is afroamericans who give birth to children and receive on them benefits and privileges from the state. It is enough for life not only to children, but also their mother who never in life worked and does not gather.
If you glance on a visit to the American friends, then the hostess of the house will never run on kitchen to sentence something tasty for dear visitor as it is accepted in Russia. To you can suggest something to drink: coffee, Coca-Cola, beer or glass of wine. By the way, without invitation it is not accepted to visit the American houses.
If at someone in a family birthday, then the hostess does not run on shops and to buy products, then to stand at a plate and to prepare on all. In this case the family orders a dinner at restaurant, invites the family, friends and acquaintances there and cheerfully celebrates. At restaurants it is accepted to congratulate a tezoimeninnik. So all visitors it is aware who the hero of the occasion.
Nonconventional sexual orientation
In the USA somehow it is not really accepted to hide nonconventional sexual orientation. The love between two the woman is perceived by the majority of people around also naturally, as well as the heterosexual relations. A few years ago in some states of the lesbian acquired the official right for registration of same-sex marriage.
For example, recently the woman who is not hiding the homosexual orientation
Tammy Smith was entitled the brigade general. At the ceremony which took place in Washington, the general star to its uniform was attached by her spouse, Tracey Hepner. This couple officially registered the marriage in the Federal District of Columbia where same-sex marriages were legalized in December, 2008.
By the way, last year in the American army the policy “was cancelled do not ask – do not say” according to which the military personnel who somehow found the homosexual orientation were subject to dismissal from army.
Many lesbiyansky a family adopt children and bring up them. I have only very much poor vision as they explain to the child whom they to him have: two mothers or…
Women driving
All life in the USA is calculated that most of citizens moves from point A to point B on wheels. Without going out of the car, it is possible to visit bank and to withdraw money from the account, it is possible to stop by in a drugstore behind drugs. You will be served quickly and qualitatively. It is possible to stop by at fast food restaurant and from a car window to order to itself food. In a few minutes it is possible to continue the trip and to have a bite somewhere in front of the traffic light.
90% of the population, including teenagers and elderly people, drive the cars and do not depend on anybody in respect of movement of long distances. Children begin to learn to drive cars at the age of 15 years. The driver’s license can be got at the age of 93 years. If you are a little more senior, then it is necessary to confirm the driver’s classification.
The most elderly American woman – to the driver Margaret Danning is 102 years old, but she still driving. And she drives a sports car “Pakkard” of 1930 of release. She owns this car 62 years. Margaret speaks: “”I go every month since the car has to have a car in working order, under a cowl the 4-liter engine therefore it very powerful”. Mrs. Danning collects cars, and this “Pakkard” – one of six in her vehicle fleet. Several years ago she carried out maintenance, changed oil. Margaret definitely does not remember when precisely she bought the car. “Pakkard” of Margaret Danning passed about 20 thousand miles, and the female driver is not going to give up driving on him.
Elderly Americans
If the married couple gathered for pension, then very often people plan where it is better for them to live on deserved rest. Florida and California enjoy wide popularity at pensioners. Many pensioners continue to work. For them it is important to have additional money, and others just want to be in public and do not hurry to exercise the rights for deserved rest.
Women live in the USA longer than men. If the woman remained one and she has a small pension, it can pass to big social pension of the husband. In America the retirement age is called gold years. For many is really gold time. Elderly people have more time to devote to themselves and to the hobbies, many work in various charitable organizations by volunteers. For example, one our acquaintance of 79 years old works 15 years as the volunteer in hospital where she was many years nurse.
14 years ago Sue Cooper founded society of red hats for ladies to whom for… These surprising women lead full-fledged life: communicate, together travel, unite on interests. Once we had dinner with the husband at Gold Korrat restaurant and saw 10-12 women in red hats which celebrated some celebration there. I very much was surprised and asked the husband who such, these ladies. He explained to me. In my opinion, this surprising organization which helps women to live full-blooded, having forgotten about such conventions as age

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