7 brilliant ideas for mobile phone cases, tablet or e-book, cognitive video

Who today will surprise the usual case for the phone? And quite another thing, when the gadget looks like anything, but not on the phone. See how to disguise the device for watercolor paints, a piece of stone, or a nice notebook. Tools and materials: • Thick cardboard • Strip with creasing • Synthesis • Glue • Scissors • Pencil • Cloth • Decorative elements, scrapbooking accessories • Screw • Scrap paper • Puncher • Elastic band • Old cases for phone, tablet • Ruler • Marker • Hot-melt gun • Acrylic paints • Sponge • Brush • Pall with paints • Stationery knife • Pastry mastic • Grater • Zip bag • Toothpick • Nail polish • Glitter • Lip gloss • Velcro • Felt • Laces
Excellent video viewing, where you can see and learn brilliant ideas, how to decorate and change your mobile phone, tablet or e-book. Write your feedback and comments after watching this educational video

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  1. When they tablet case made and supposedly something was looking at them, even the tablet was not there, through the holes of their coats shines. I’m sorry you’re cool, but it is a fact??

  2. I liked the cover for the ebook. Despite the fact that I am. (that’s an understatement),thanks to cool ideas I made for SIS on her Birthday stone(she didn’t understand what this case immediately),and a watercolor cover,thanks

  3. I cover in the form of stone similar to meat. I thought it was a piece of meat. The stone cover is very similar to meat!

  4. Cool covers and interesting video footage, as always!!! The coolest Prank it instead of soap soap clay. Cool you are great.

  5. Please do not be offended, but in the case of the stone is not beautiful.. am I the only one that seemed to cover the rock cover the meat?

  6. At first I thought it was not a stone, and meat. It seemed to me a piece of meat.

  7. FUUU, the COVERS are TERRIBLE , I would are not worn , and I thought that I would be HOMELESS , press ‘like’ if you don’t like the covers! the cover-stone on a piece of raw chicken breast similar)).

  8. I’ve seen this sad video and I cried all who watched(a). And I have now on the phone is wearing a case with colors. Why the heck do you all think of the paint wear?

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