Young and bright star of the new generation Taylor Swift, video

Teylop Swift Year of birth: 1989 A young and bright star of a new generation, sweet and beautiful and incredibly talented. From the very childhood she dreamed of becoming a singer and her parents helped her in every possible way. The girl was never afraid of a scene or a pie and at the age of 10 she became a star in her native town, and at 12 she sang the US anthem at the opening ceremony of the 76 Philadelphia Games. Since 10 years she studied to play the guitar, she began to compose songs. She was noticed by the producer when Taylor sang and played the guitar at the shop windows. Already in 2006 she recorded her first single “Tim McGraw”, and in 2 months the album, which immediately became popular. Taylor received for him the award of the International Association of Authors and is the youngest of her owners. The singer impresses with her efficiency and talent. She one by one releases many albums and singles and deservedly receives all the famous world awards. Her CDs become platinum and more than once, giving concerts all over the world. On account Swift 7 “Grammy”, 11 awards American Music Awards and 12 Bilboard Music Awards. Career in the movie the singer began with episodic and insignificant roles, but this added to her popularity. Taylor Swift is one of the few stellar teenagers who has not been seen in scandals.
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