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The best toasts for the wedding
Dear newlyweds! Whatever one may say, creating a family is a very important step in the life of every person. You have successfully done this step, thanks to the perseverance and desire of the groom and the desire of the bride. I wish you love in your hearts, coziness in the house and happiness in your eyes! Bitterly!
The best toasts for the wedding
They say that in our troubled days, people know their worth for everyone, but unfortunately they have ceased to be able to appreciate something truly. I want to raise this glass for this wonderful couple, that they would always appreciate each other and not when they did not forget those wonderful feelings that when they were joined!
The best toasts for the wedding
Dear newlyweds today is not just one of the most important holidays of your life, but also a moment. when you begin to write a chronicle of your family. I want to wish you a huge number of pages on which everything good and wonderful will be written down and not only with your hand, but also with the hands of your children!
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