Watch the funniest videos at the wedding.

Wedding toasts
For the young, I offer a drink,
For their happiness we drink friends to the bottom,
Now we need to get used to everything,
And call them husband, wife!

Friends, you have more fun,
Children have a healthy birth,
So that everything was all right for you,
You are bound to love each other all your life!

They say that every person has the right to make mistakes, but only the wise acknowledge their mistakes. In this case only the strong will ask for forgiveness, and only a loving heart can go on reconciliation. I want to wish this wonderful couple that in their family life they always have enough wisdom, strength and love in order to find mutual understanding!
I want to invite all present to raise our glasses for this wonderful couple. Let them remember throughout their entire married life that ultimately it is not so important who is stronger, prettier or richer. Much more important you are happy people or not. I want to wish you that your life would give you a sense of happiness and then no one will compare with you in the power of beauty or wealth!
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