Unusual photos of girls and motorcycles 1

Unusual photos of girls and motorcycles 2

Unusual photos of girls and motorcycles 3

Unusual photos of girls and motorcycles.

Summer – the motorcycle – a rock’n’roll,
Dances under cartridges barefoot,
Clubs of dust, wind and heat,
Warm conversations at a fire …

Newlyweds together visited
At congress of bikers, a rock festival,
But they have more to liking TOGETHER
To rush on a horse the steel.

And, stopping at a route roadside,
Sitting on it, kissed passionately.
By them cars passed
And, signaling, greetings sent them.

… They were unseparable all summer,
Together met declines, dawn,
Everywhere and always admired with each other,
And from love the head went around …

Often through the city drove at night,
Late from flights came back home,
And, absolutely tired already,
Filled up directly in garage.

And from the dawn included a player again,
Also darted off, having dispelled dust …
In speed the summer flew quickly –
The fall came imperceptibly

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