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ukrainian beautiful women 3

Ukrainian beautiful women.
You go, on me similar,
Eyes directing down.
I lowered them – too!
The passerby, stop!

Read – night blindness
And poppies having gathered a bouquet,
That called me Marina
And how many to me was years.

Do not think that here – a grave,
That I will appear, threatening…
I too loved
To laugh when it is impossible!

And blood flowed to skin,
And my curls curled…
I was too, the passerby!
The passerby, stop!

Break to yourself a stalk wild
And berry to it following, –
Cemeterial wild strawberry
More largely and more with pleasure not.

But only do not stand gloomy,
Having lowered the head on a breast.
Easily think of me,
Easily forget about me.

As the beam you lights!
You all in gold dust…
– And let does not confuse you
My voice from under the earth.

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