Turkish rich wedding, video of good mood

Toasts with a wedding
Remember, as they said before? On this day, a “new cell of society” is being created. We will not talk about society and how it is enough by this your connection. Let’s drink today only for you. Let the river of drunk alcohol pave a smart channel to your family happiness, and the number of good wishes and shouts “bitterly” protects from the views of ill-wishers your young family, like the walls of the fortress. For your well-being, newlyweds!
Toasts with a wedding
The fetters of the ring do not become,
From happiness always shine eyes,
Let the misfortunes be forgotten,
From now on, you are forever a family!

For your harmony, happiness,
For your love and warmth,
For you today I will drink,
So that was all good!
A fun, exciting and enjoyable video viewing of the Turkish wedding. Write comments and comments after watching this amazing video.

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