The most unusual wedding dresses, fascinating video

Funny toasts for the wedding
Since childhood, we were told that the family is very serious and responsible. Now each of you, newlyweds, is responsible not only for themselves, but also for the other half. After all, as they say, you have become one. Take care of each other, appreciate and respect. Let your love never fade, but vice versa, as cognac becomes even better every year!
Today we are celebrating the creation of a new family. They say that happiness in marriage is achieved through mutual concessions. So let’s drink to ensure that the young were wise enough and patient with each other. For the harmony of your union.
Today we all – friends, relatives, close people – have gathered, because our two dear and beloved people found each other and decided to be together for the rest of their lives. I can not imagine what would happen to the life of these two, if they did not find each other. Now that I look at them, young and happy, I understand that they are created for each other, they were born to this world, in order to sooner or later meet and create their strong union. So let’s raise the glasses and drink to these beautiful newlyweds!
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  1. To do a wedding in the winter, and to organise themselves. To begin in the summer and better in the spring – and succeed.

  2. I had a modest wedding. The dress I hand bought, the Banquet was not just to relatives at home, the table was laid. The only thing I had a Bridal hair and makeup from a professional stylist and beautiful pictures in the end. And everything else I consider unnecessary at the wedding.

  3. We got married in a dress and veil, the husband in a suit)went for a photo shoot ,after I changed and noted in the narrow circle of family +boyfriend and a friend on the nature of roasting skewers ,not a bit sorry

  4. Very strange question from leading wedding. It’s your job – really can’t think of anything. Then what is all that is listed on your page?

  5. I had a gorgeous and expensive wedding. That’s what I regret. so much money spent, would be better if I bought the apartment.

  6. I suggest reading about how to reduce expenses on entertainment

  7. As a wedding venue can advise the cafe-bar “”Drunken Eclair””.””

  8. I also had a wedding with the dress and the guests! But so hectic that I barely remember anything!!Now with the current civilian husband are discussing the theme of the wedding, but I don’t want any dresses or guests! And he wants! He was married, but just lunch break I went and signed everything! For a year I bet))) And recently walked with a friend at the wedding. I was a witness! after which he got sick wedding! It so happened that the organization of their wedding I was engaged! It is up to the wedding and even leading photographer saw! All of course enjoyed it. All were delighted! In my party a lot of appreciation words! But I’m sooo tired!

  9. I think that if you want cheap, then sign, photo session and honeymoon.

  10. Romantic. Always pleased with the service. Excellent kitchen: outside the box, delicious and beautifully decorated.

  11. My husband and I just got married, this never spared

  12. Moreover, I agree that nice and cheap is a very vague concept. When I did a wedding my sister is beautiful on your taste and tried not to overpay, but still just for the entertainment and design (restaurant, hotel, dresses, etc. according to separate price list) spent about 300 thousand, but made a story for my sister and I think that is not expensive.

  13. No, I have no regrets. No dress, no bouquet. Then there was such happiness that he is mine! Not even witnesses. But I’m going to get married – also no Banquet, children and parents only call, but the dress and the photo shoot will still make memory.

  14. P. S. sorry, Marina, but the wedding is celebrated. Their play, conduct, arrange….

  15. We had a wedding, as they say, the economy version. Even though we on the next day after registration and flew to the Islands, but to be honest, I regret not fully celebrated the holiday. Especially now, as many wedding agencies, will make the wedding, but the candy and doing anything not necessary, will do everything for you.

  16. Even the word “”inexpensive”” is very strange and vague. Someone and yachts aircraft buying very “”cheap””.””

  17. I wrote the above his vision, and outlined two Varanda. And you know, for many such couples who are having a walk together to the Registrar’s office with photo shoot for two, then paintings and photos in the registry office or after it – with family and friends, then a reception there and – bye. Sometimes, when the material situation of young families is not ice, it is better to fly together to warm the sea than feed-water crowd of people who a week and remember, Cho was there…

  18. Who wants to make the wedding most budget – you can just get married, and after a buffet table with fruit and champagne to get in the car and drive to the airport, where the plane engeset young in warmer climes! This is one of the options.

  19. And agencies what services are provided? Search Toastmasters/design? I just always thought they take the money nemerenoe for these managerial skills.

  20. Such a company generally planning the whole wedding starting from the venue, to the master of ceremonies artists. Don’t know expensive or not, but recently collaborated with Wedding Guru, sister got married… the prices are fairly reasonable. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than to arrange everything yourself, but on the other hand, isn’t there other things that you’d like to do before the wedding? My opinion-everyone needs to do their job. The coordinator we got elegant,should not even for those all fit in the cars, will there be enough sandwiches on the walk and whether it is time to bring uncle Mitya in the fresh air))) Well, if you have friends or relatives who can be at ease to entrust the org.moments to them, but I nobody wanted this to take)

  21. To save yourself all the arrangements – just need more time and effort to give, to communicate with those who already have the experience to choose and to talk with the photographer, stylist, presenter. Need through search engines wedding services to try (for example goweddy.ru) – fill out a short questionnaire and choose from suggestions received. In any case, not until you communicate with each member of the team of organizers, you will not be sure of the result

  22. Second – if you still want the wedding to be celebrated with a feast – choose season late summer-early autumn. Products are cheaper for a table significantly. Treat – fruitvegetableswater-melons and other summer treat. Skating to cancel or make only for the young and closest friends. Behind the wheel – relativesfriends. The wedding procession, too, from their cars, without spending the rent. And take a wedding, for example, in the country, in open space – wooden tables, benches, food to prepare forces family and friends. They also hold still images, video and maintenance. We can agree that those who have experience in this field, will work at your wedding as a gift to you.

  23. I was in a velvet kombeza and with a belly like a watermelon, but with flowers in her hair)))

  24. To go on level – to begin to prepare for the festival in advance, almost the winter. And, of course, all the little things to do for themselves, including the creation of tables and holiday place (e.g., country style checkered tablecloths, wildflowers on the table, etc.).

  25. I had one day to visit the wedding where it was like economically, however with the taste, also very fun. For example, instead of a whole wedding procession they just ordered the bus here, which fit all the guests, and in the same bus with driving the bride and groom. It turned out just knight’s move – the guests had fun and no one was bored, all together riding on bridges, etc. no one had to wait while young knurled and come to the Banquet, as is usually the case. So if you show imagination, the savings can be wrapped even favor, the main thing correctly to present it.

  26. However bouquet my husband gave chic. Signed on a weekday, then in a cafe in the family, and weekend barbecues.

  27. Fortunately, not everything and not always depends on the amount of money tumbled. I’ve been on a magnificent and wonderful in spirit, small weddings, and the huge, elegant, show-off, but suuuuch…

  28. And here we celebrated the wedding in the Krasnoarmeisky district of the leisure centre, Royal Castle,it was cheap, and excellent staff helped us with making room only for a nominal fee in their coffers,they created a cozy atmosphere, the food is delicious cooked with all her heart, the wait staff is very positive and attentive, plus we had a discount on wedding room, a room I can tell you for a beautiful, cozy chitsy and bright!Why I chose this place for a wedding , purely by chance,celebrated children’s holiday, Dr child of a friend, and this, too, these lads have done it!

  29. But we are not saved, was still able to afford it))))))) just lived not painted 7 years, Zab, we decided to sign, and I have the threat – what kind of preparation for celebrations in bed. And when the doctor said, already belly on the cart to put it was possible and wanted to catch up to the birth, had help to speed up the process from LCD to take. Exactly a month later I gave birth.

  30. Can recommend this residence for your wedding http://www.chenonceau.ru . The kitchen is just to die for! Incidentally, they’re not just about weddings!It’s just a fabulous place! We celebrated there new year)

  31. You can find affordable house-cottage in the nature and organization of the Banquet, music is only a formality.

  32. Sometimes I regret, I want beautiful pictures and princessing dresses)))))) but much suffering is)

  33. I never wanted a big wedding ever,don’t know why… the Dress I bought is very beautiful… (now sold), I somehow felt uncomfortable in a fancy white dress , felt the fatigue , the morning didn’t sleep , and the feeling of celebration , excitement gone… signed later, modestly ,in a beautiful (not wedding attire) and went to Greece. I do not regret. Although , You really understand! If the Soul needs a holiday , needs it…. All the people are different!

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