The most unusual wedding dresses, fascinating video

Funny toasts for the wedding
Since childhood, we were told that the family is very serious and responsible. Now each of you, newlyweds, is responsible not only for themselves, but also for the other half. After all, as they say, you have become one. Take care of each other, appreciate and respect. Let your love never fade, but vice versa, as cognac becomes even better every year!
Today we are celebrating the creation of a new family. They say that happiness in marriage is achieved through mutual concessions. So let’s drink to ensure that the young were wise enough and patient with each other. For the harmony of your union.
Today we all – friends, relatives, close people – have gathered, because our two dear and beloved people found each other and decided to be together for the rest of their lives. I can not imagine what would happen to the life of these two, if they did not find each other. Now that I look at them, young and happy, I understand that they are created for each other, they were born to this world, in order to sooner or later meet and create their strong union. So let’s raise the glasses and drink to these beautiful newlyweds!
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