The most stupid, wild, ridiculous, like creative, but stupid wedding photos, video

Wedding toasts
Dear guests, I suggest that you raise glasses for our wonderful young people and wish them an easy and long family path, pleasant moments and joyful events! Henceforth and forever, live in joy, harmony and love. Let all of you will be well, and most importantly, healthy babies are born!

For your new family,
Today with joy I drink,
I wish you I live without trouble,
I wish you long, long years!

I wish you a prosperous life,
Children soon you have a baby,
To please you always,
So that there was a strong family.

So that you do not know evil and evil,
For love to live in hearts,
I wish the blessings of the earthly, good,
Be happy always!
I want to raise my glass for a new family, for their happiness and love. I wish you harmony, mutual respect, mutual understanding and boundless happiness. Let the idyll, prosperity and joy reign in your house. Healthy and beautiful to you kiddies. I want, that in 50 years we with you here as again gathered and celebrated your golden anniversary!
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