The most stupid, wild, ridiculous, like creative, but stupid wedding photos, video

Funny toasts for the wedding
Dear young people!
We are in a hurry to congratulate you
And his awkward toast
I hope you’ll laugh.
We wish you good luck,
Well, what about without it?
To parents sooner
They gave you a home.
A side to bypass
Your house is a mountain and a disaster,
Between you just to –
Peace, love and kindness.
To the floor as quickly as possible
A pair of legs knocked,
To the legs they did not know
No crooked paths.
To live according to you,
Each other for a mountain,
On a diamond wedding
So that they call us by themselves!
Dear our newlyweds! Let in this bright and festive day for you and your loved ones from the bottom of our hearts wish you infinite love and happiness. Remember that true love has only a beginning, but there is no end. For your love!
They say that happy people are therefore happy that they think about what they have. And the unhappy people think about what they do not have. I want to raise this glass for our newlyweds, so that they always think about what they have, and that would fill them with happiness! For the young!
A cheerful mood when watching this unique, funny, but instructive video. Write your feedback, comments after watching the video.

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  1. And another huge thanks to him for the patience with which he endured (and nafotkal very cool and funny frames) 30 people young people on the walk and the 130 guests in the restaurant! In General, very much, thanks!

  2. Mega super -photographer!!! Weslin fotograf yaskravi, nasice, IV!!!Obonyo….Good luck to Tobi!!!!)

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  5. Ruslan, thank you so much for the pictures!!! No doubt in your professionalism, and I received the pictures, only even more convinced! The photos are incredibly beautiful, colorful, alive, it is impossible to admire!!! Thank you for this memory for many years!!!

  6. Thank you very much for the pictures that one better than the other!!! We loved it and not only we)) Thank you for a wonderful memory of a lifetime!! Pictures of I want to watch again and again. It was a pleasure working with you, you are a great professional and a good man, though not a lot you know!! The pictures are all bright, beautiful, interesting and very high quality!! In the future, if you need a photographer, we will only refer to you!!

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  8. Ruslan, the pictures are just magical! Thank you so much – and photos, and for the atmosphere ))!

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  13. Ruslan! I want to thank already for at least the minimum that we saw)))) Is incredibly talented work, which is embedded in the absolute indifferent to what I do!)))) You were very pleasant to work with, no any discomfort and even on the contrary! Seeing the photos the next morning after the wedding, we just went numb! And the speed, and beauty)))))) Do as many of these masterpieces and forever stay in the memory of so many people!))))) Thank you from us! 🙂

  14. Shanovni Ruslanchik!!! Dyakuyu Tobi for Chudovo-kaskow weslin photo!!!!! Ti Meister so right!!!! Skin times pregledati photo, I NBI PowerToys in the day, the day of his wedding, I Mac perepolnyali the soul of the heart!!!! And sche dyakuyu Tobi for panasoni nastri, T. duzhe Chudov man!!!! =) Moju sariti scho Nadal tilki twomy the hotel Yak photographer will kalitsounia))))

  15. Axis is already proyshla more msata Yak we otrimali Nashi weslin photos from Ruslana, and still, mayzhe cutaneous day perepadalo h… vrazhennya not peredati words! I’m glad duzhe scho for our wedding unable to sniti such profesinio I talanovito photographer !!

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  17. Ruslan, thank you for the beauty! Successfully captured moments, high quality treatment for all. Will revise again and again to remember the fabulous day 🙂

  18. You are a true professional and a very talented man! Very long time choosing a photographer, looking at your work understand that you have found. Iiiiii. all our expectations were met even triple! All of our friends have already decided on a photographer for your future holidays )))!

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  20. All who are preparing for the wedding understand that one, maybe even the most important item is the wedding photo shoot. No wonder a good half of the wedding day the newlyweds are spending on it. After all, photography is not only a memory for years to come for the bride and groom, for parents, relatives, friends and of course for future children. In our view the wedding photo survived and was pushed off the competitive ladder video. So for us, choosing a photographer was a very responsible step. We have checked Google and wedding forums in search of a photographer, but the most interesting thing on Ruslana we randomly came across nowcontact. Later when we looked at the portfolio on his website, the choice became obvious. At the meeting Ruslan made a pretty impressive impression, he knew everything!!! Immediately suggested and helped the Soviets with the choice of locations for the photo shoot, almost gave the program the beginning of the day, and who, where and how much it should be. Very important advice (pay attention!!!) was that locations should be as close to each other, so as not to waste time on crossings, in terms of Kiev, takes a long time. We listened to it and so the pictures turned out quite diverse, although we have not everywhere had time to visit, where it originally wanted. We chose the Feofania Park and VDNKH. There places to take photos galore. A photo shoot is exhausting and requires a lot of effort, but the results are worth it, definitely. Although elated festive mood and the fact that the weather could not be better contributed to us had its effect and we were tired, I guess. less than I had expected. Everything was just brilliant. At the wedding the walk, the work of Ruslan has not ended, he was with us almost to the end of fun. Therefore wedding photos well, we have sooooo many!!! Thank you Ruslan for your talent and your work. You are a godsend for honeymooners.

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  23. Ruslan not only Meister so right, he has good psychologist, after pracovat s duzhe it easy! To wedding mi mayzhe not znaim Buli, ale on focuses vdouble yourself duzhe comfortable NBI Stari druzi.

  24. Ruslan, watched the photo!!!! BOMB!!!! gorgeous pictures!! very beautiful! When viewed, the feeling that everyone was worried again!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! Emotions direct overwhelmed!!!! just super!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  25. But not get Ruslan to note the bad reviews, because they will not!!) Photos chudestny, fully convey the ethereal, unforgettable feelings that radiate the hearts of the bride and groom. So it was with us…=) Besides quality and timely work, Ruslan is still a good, sociable person with whom pleasant to deal with! Thank you!

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  27. And sche, don’t know Yak VIN TSE Robit:)ale photo so peredayut nastri our wedding!! the stench already Swets to molodosty, energy, radst I dirty scho panwala on SWAT!

  28. Ruslan is The Best Photographer in the World!!!!!!!!)))))))))

  29. With great pleasure I want to Express him our gratitude.

  30. Well, in anticipation of the New year we wish you that your job has always brought you the same enjoyment and thrill as they are now!!!!

  31. Reviews about the wedding photographer from Olga and Alexander

  32. I was in such a hurry back to work, he did not even say thankyou… We loved the pictures!Photobook in super! You picked beautiful locations, and camera angles, and so everything is delicately told! Thank you! Now we have beautiful memories))) we Wish you further success in your work!!!

  33. As well, we found you ))) from the very beginning was seen Ruslana professional approach to work… and when we saw our photos…we were thrilled!!! it’s really the MASTERPIECES!!!! Ruslan, THANK you very much!!!

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  39. Thank you for carwin photos….just a super photographer…in nashomu vipadku navti nhto not write scho on photo cravedi our Mista ))))

  40. well, that and write your opinion. Ruslan is a very good photographer, the photos that we received exceeded all expectations! to be honest, for a walk we had about 25 minutes so we were late even in the registry office for an hour, all brides understand how this is very little for a good photo shoot. but, Ruslan good!!! we thought all of the pictures we have will not be normal as everything was in a hurry. Ruslan was able to nufotografuoti very much, and most IMPORTANTLY very high quality!!!!when we saw the pictures all groaned and okali, as one photo was better than the other, and every next is even better! so the conclusion is that the photographer is great! in addition, as a man, Ruslan is a very positive, fun, and to be able to give a smile to the bride, which is very important in this day, because for all the worry))) just know, when we venada, the photographer that will make a smile look all photographs will be RUSLAN! my ADVICE: take, will not regret!!!!

  41. Rusik!!!!!! Don’t even know how to Express our gratitude to you!!! Pictures are the BOMB!!!! So bright!!!!!!!!!!! You’re a real TALENT!!!!! and master of God!!! We are very grateful to you for such a Masterpiece!!!! As said at the wedding – “”you are Now our family photographer!!!!!!””. Will definitely be recommending you to all our friends!!! Umnichka!! So keep)))))””

  42. Ruslaan, yesterday received the photos… Honestly, I’m closer to the end already sat crying, remembering all the moments. Such bright, beautiful colorful photos can only do you! I’m really pleased that you were our photographer..

  43. The squirrel photo is just amazing! Such gentle and warm 🙂 I liked not only the process of shooting, but the result!

  44. The wedding day usually are prepared very long, but it flies by like a moment. Therefore, one of the most important things is choosing a photographer that will leave the photographs of the most touching and pleasant moments of this festive day.

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  47. Photos just super!!!! Ruslanchik from my husband and a huge Hello and thanks for the excellent, vivid, well, just BOMBEZNAYA photos. Other happy moments of our lives we try to share with you!!!!!! Feel the desire to bring joy to people and leave a good memory. We are very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Create, inspiration to you!!! With respect and great THANKS, Dima and Tanya!

  48. Reviews about the wedding photographer from Alla and Boris

  49. RUSLAN! Though late, but still, I want to thank you for the wonderful photos that fully conveyed the atmosphere of our wedding!!! The result of the work amazes with its professionalism. Krasivennye photos are incredible – bright, vibrant, mega positive, they are just full of life !!!!I can’t get enough:))! you’re really a master of his craft, and a good and cheerful person! Working with you was a pleasure:))!!!THANK you!!! I will definitely recommend your services! Success, good clients and happiness to your whole family!!!

  50. Ruslan, we were incredibly lucky to meet you! After the first meeting we realized that we met a professional. Thanks for the tips, for tips for gorgeous performances on the fabulous pictures!

  51. Thank you for the energy you charged us in the morning.

  52. Reviews about the wedding photographer by Julia and Alexander

  53. Thanks for the resurrection feast, which is a little rusty, but looking at pictures they all returned back..

  54. Ruslan, felicenne Tobi THANK you for your work!!! Tak IV, escrow fotograf! Years of nepereversheny! Navti not Wallau hogo photographer well!

  55. Reviews about the wedding photographer from Alina and Denis

  56. Your work is just perfect! And this is not only thanks to professionalism and talent. The choice of perspective, landscape ideas for a frame – the photo is immediately evident that the work done with the soul 🙂

  57. Thank You Ruslana! Just kaskow, neimovirna CCAW vascular acous prozenko in sahwat VSI hto bachiv!!! Podruvan codovi nastri Mabuchi…in all of life, if Statia devices) is pleased scho Duzhe obral such vajnogo, talanovito vidtaga photographer! Nadus has Palacios.)

  58. Reviews about the wedding photographer from Ekaterina and Maxim

  59. Reviews about the wedding photographer from Cristina and Nicholas

  60. Thank you for these emotions and wonderful pictures! We are thrilled!!!

  61. Reviews about the wedding photographer from Tatiana and Adrian

  62. Got wedding photos. Thanks Ruslan, this is awesome. Can’t get enough. Such a bright, zhyvye. The excitement has no limits :).

  63. Reviews about the wedding photographer from Elena and Vadim

  64. First put, your work is simply impossible to describe with words. You are a wizard. A real magician and a very good man. As far as I worried about my hair, the weather, because we like anyone was lucky with the rain and hail and sun, so were happy at the sight of all this

  65. Rusya,thank you so much for what imprinted the most vivid moments of our wedding and our walk… I generally keep quiet…GORGEOUS photos..I am very glad I found you via contact)))your work I immediately liked it,very vivid and rich photos.I was sure I still like it,and so it happened.

  66. One small but maybe it’s just unlucky, printed a photo on 5 mm more than the format and are now looking for a suitable album.

  67. When I started to plan our wedding photographer – it was the first item on my list because I knew, even before I met my husband at my wedding, the photographer will be – Ruslan Novosel. I know two weddings of my friends, so the quality of photos and professionalism I have not lived even for a second.

  68. in the photo… No words! To work with you the very fun – I feel easy and relaxed. Very glad to have found such a photographer like YOU. Russ, THANK you so much!!! I just don’t have words for appreciation for your brilliant work!!!

  69. Reviews about the wedding photographer from Anna and Sergey

  70. I want to Express my gratitude to the professional, our wedding photographer Ruslan! From the start, by visiting the website of Ruslan realized that he was a modern photographer and does all sorts of framed with ruffles and butterflies… the First impression was great:) And continue to negotiate with him was easy. Ruslan is a very friendly and sociable. Came to the meeting with examples of your work (really beautiful). During the process of painting and helped with advice of where and how to become one:))) Thank you! All the guests, the photographer also liked Ruslan works are not Intrusive and catches the most interesting moments. We went to the bot gardens for a photo shoot, it was boiling hot, but Ruslan made us laugh, made sure we are in the heat for a long time was not, told what to do. It was very easy to be photographed. Time flew by quickly. Well, the result even exceeded my expectations, the pictures are awesome! Thank You, Ruslan!

  71. Ruslanchik! Thank you so much for the photo, every year your photos are getting better and better!)))

  72. With all my heart I wish you creative success, inspiration and fruitful work!!!

  73. And everything is fine, the process itself was very fun and relaxed. And by the end of filming was already so excited that I wanted to be photographed and to be photographed. Thank you!!! Will recommend required))

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  77. I want to Express another huge thank you to our photographer Ruslan! Photos exceeded all expectations! I think every bride will agree that it is not really distinctly remembers the wedding day and everything around was happening. So it was with me, but to recreate that day and his best moments have helped Ruslan! He is not only a photographer he is also a man who sees and catches the emotions, the moments that lasted maybe a second, but left on the picture forever… It’s just a gift to see this!

  78. Wedding photography surround us after the wedding in picture frames in the apartment, so very nice to look at vivid, bright and high quality photos!

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