Popular militant stars in the 80s, then and now

Movies Action 80s, 90s: These rolling, ninja and karatey easily coped with their enemies, becoming real idols for the vast majority of the male population of our country of different ages. What happened to them after years? We suggest to know: Billy Blanks Then: most often played the role of villains. Sick in childhood dyslexia, the actor overcame the disease, doing martial arts. Now: not removed. At one time, he founded a new kind of aerobics Bolo Young Then: the Chinese-kachok, who was the main opponent of Van Damme in the militant “Bloody Sport” (1988). After becoming famous after this film, he moved to live in America. Now: he lives in the same place, practically is not removed. Cooperates as a consultant during the filming of scenes of martial arts Benny Urquides Then: fought Jackie Chan in the films “Dragons Forever”, “Snack on wheels” and Patrick Swayze in the film “Road House”. The scene of the fight with Jackie Chan in the movie “Snack on wheels” is recognized as the best battle scene of all time. Now: practically not removed. He is engaged in coaching. Trains, among others, the rocker Dave Mustaine, the leader of the group “Megadeth”. Cynthia Rothrock Then: blond beauty karateka know best of the film “Above the law 2. Rage blonde”, which became a hit video salons in the 90’s. Ten of them fell on members of the mafia in the militants of the film company Golden Harvest. Now: is raising a daughter, divorced. She changed her hair color to red “with feathers”. Cooperates with Hollywood studios as a consultant of combat scenes. Mr. Ti Then: played the freezer boxer Clubber Lang, who took the belt from Rocky in the movie “Rocky 3”. He worked as a personal bodyguard for Hollywood stars, was a wrestling star, a bouncer. Now: it is removed in commercials (for example, in advertising of a bar Snickers). Was the host of the program “Shop on the couch.” He voiced himself in the TV series “The Simpsons”. Sammo Hong Then: an expert in martial arts, a 100-pound fat man is a friend, companion and producer of Jackie Chan, with whom he studied at the Beijing Opera, where they were trained in the basics of kung fu. He started acting in the times of Bruce Lee (“The Exit of the Dragon” Now: continues to act as a filmmaker, produces and co-operates as a consultant.) Gary Daniels Then: the football career did not ask, and fate led him to the world of cinema, where he became a hero of the militants. For many years, he starred in the films of Don Dragon Wilson and Jackie Chan in a second cast: Now he actively acts in films and consults during the filming of the fighting scenes Mark Dakaskos Then: starred in more than 40 fighters (Drive, Bug Boy etc.). He played the role of policemen, rockers-to The first kung fu teacher was his father, now he is still shooting, has a network of martial arts schools where he teaches his own style based on boxing, kung fu and karate, and in 2005 he starred in the film “The Nomad “Matthias Hughes Then: in the 80-90s he played 2-4 roles a year, in the overwhelming majority these were the roles of the villains: he is actively being removed, and last year he appeared in the film” The Black Rose “by the bodybuilder Alexander Nevsky. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Then: basically acted in a role of bad Asians. He became famous in our country for the role of Shang Sung from Mortal Kombat, an evil sorcerer who fed on the souls of killed fighters. Now: actively withdrawn. Last year he played the role of a priest of the Japanese Orthodox Church in the film “Priest-san” along with Peter Mamonov and Ivan Okhlobystin. Michelle Kissy Then: Thai boxer Tong Po, who fought with the brother of the hero Van Damme in the action movie “Kickboxer.” He became friendly Jean Claude Van Damme. Appeared in the credits of a famous Belgian as a performer, coach, choreographer or stuntman. Now: he lives in Brussels, periodically busy in photography. Works as a consultant during the shooting of combat scenes. Communicate with Van Damme. Eric Roberts Then: known to the Russian audience for the role of Taekwondo in the film “The Best of the Best”, and also as the brother of Julia Roberts. Now: continues to be removed. I passed a treatment course of getting rid of drug addiction. Periodically swears with his sister. Michael Dudikoff Then: an American ninja with Russian roots. The first film “American Ninja”, released in 1985 and costing creators $ 1 million, collected in the American box office 10 times more. Since then, he was actively filmed until 1997. Now: it’s the life of a former movie star. Owns a private residence in California. Play tennis. He is fond of architecture.
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