Pictures with beautiful women on yachts 1

Pictures with beautiful women on yachts 2

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Pictures with beautiful women on yachts.

verses about the beach

When we concern, us as if current punches,
Also radiate sparkles – happy eyes.
As it is good what in our life so happens,
Two hearts suddenly unite, an ordinary thunder-storm.

It is sure, this day was the best in life,
We escaped, on the beach forgotten by all.
There was a wood, the river and we under the God-almighty,
Made the mysterious voyage.

Everything was again, and to us with you it is unusual,
The beach, silence, water in the river, as pure dew.
Bathed, sunbathed, generally, everything excellent,
And suddenly, suddenly, the strongest thunder-storm began.

At us spontaneously the thought arose naughty,
Having undressed completely, the clothes were thrown off in a package.
And thought crazy, in something even clockwork,
That we Adam and Eve, and a hint on clothes are not present.

As children small, ran on the wood, a hand in a hand,
The cold rain from the coast banished us,
We were heated, in warm as pair milk, the river
And the thunder from heaven rattled, it probably, frightened.

And we did not hear any more, did not notice heavy rain,
Around everything was gone, only were you and I
We, rain droplets, lips on bodies caught,
Hearts at us burned, I was yours, and you mine.

Regained consciousness only ashore and that towards evening,
In the sky the sun, on a thunder-storm there is no hint.
To us cooled bodies, warmish wind,
It is time to go home, and we went to look for a package.

Being confused, put on and as that observed etiquette,
Going home, laughed, made each other faces,
Also understood that received for themselves, destiny the answer,
We are created to be together, in something we are similar.

I know, I will read the same thought in your eyes,
Together we will protect the whole century love.
It is impossible to exchange, people immemorial dream,
On tender series of banal meetings.

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