Pictures with beautiful women on motorcycles 1

Pictures with beautiful women on motorcycles 2

Pictures with beautiful women on motorcycles 3

Pictures with beautiful women on motorcycles.
Jokes about Motorcycles about Motorcycles
The guy make love to the girl. Unexpectedly his parents enter. Thoughts of four:
Guy: “Everything, caught, spoke to it – give next time!”
Girl: “Well, well, now he precisely marries me.”
Father: “Well, the guy grows up, it is necessary to buy him Mother: “My God, as it lies – to the boy inconveniently!

Took the Jew in large department store, and a turn began to grow day by day. The surprised owner of department store decided to look at least once how the seller manages it. Approached, rose aside and listens as his Haim talks to the buyer: – To your rod hooks and floats are surely necessary still a scaffold. – Well, turn. – But except a rod, I would advise you a spinning. You shower it meters on hundred and you pull a huge pike. – Yes? To Bør! – But it is the best of all to catch fish from the boat. Take easy, rubber. – With pleasure. – But as you will carry all this to Personally me it seems that it is good to you to buy the motorcycle a carriage. – Precisely! To Bør! The client paid for everything and left. The owner approaches Haim: – Well, you are talent! The person came for a rod, and went by the motorcycle. – What rod? It in general came for laying for the wife. And I also speak to it:” So why not to go to fishing, all the same you several days of the house have nothing to do”.

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