Pictures of girls with bananas 1

Pictures of girls with bananas 2

Pictures of girls with bananas 3

Pictures of girls with bananas.


I bought an eskimo for you.
Be not naive, I am not unselfish.
You think that it I joking,
And it is an attention sign with sense.

I had a particular interest:
To admire a show furtively.
Well who else so appetizingly eats
Ice cream – is sensual and sweet! (C)

Not to solve to you my cunning plan!
My insidiousness – above understanding.
Yesterday I for you bought banana.
Instead of flowers. On the first appointment.

There were you, obviously, is hungry,
As took banana with delight.
There was an evening. From the sky the pale moon
The tent was lit by OVOShchTORGA.

I had a concrete interest
(I will tell, risking to seem strange) –
I wanted to look at how eats
My friend ripe bananas…

I imagined, having slightly sweated,
As you will take its (banana) in palms…
And, in them (in palms) having gently turned,
You will take a bite of a skin, as if for fun…

Then, holding it with one hand,
By means of fingers, gentle and innocent,
Growing on your hand another,
You will remove a skin half…

Without having delighted eyes glued
From fragrant pulp of banana,
You will concern language ten times
(It agrees me to the drawn-up plan).

And suddenly, to constrain not in forces the rush,
You will clasp its (banana) lips with a ringlet…
But right there, without having bitten off anything,
You will set him free (banana, of course).

So I thought… But you, took banana,
Nails peeled a skin roughly,
And, oversetting my fine plan,
(In banana) the stuck teeth into it!

Seconds fifteen that nightmare lasted.
To me it was lonely and sad.
The moon – a cold indifferent sphere
For clouds unscrupulously departured…

Oh, as I was mistaken, the idiot!
And you got a scarf from a pocket,
And, wiping the beautiful mouth,
Asked: “Hear, and there is no banana yet?”.

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