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Photos of very beautiful girls.
By modern scientists it is proved that several minutes are enough for the man to understand degree of appeal of the woman. Originally men pay attention to the owner of a figure whose type is comparable to “hourglasses”. Such type combines beauty, feminity and sexuality. Besides, men subconsciously combine this figure with ideal criterion for incubation and the birth of posterity. The special attention of the man is paid to long-legged lPhotos of very beautiful girls.
adies. Well-groomed beauty of amazing legs was a worship subject at all times.
However, despite numerous researches, each man compares the woman under own ideal of beauty. In essence, the perception of female beauty is influenced by children’s and youthful impressions, the got life experience and representations accepted in modern society.
Some men surely disprove the created stereotypes, consider that the main dignity of the woman is the created personality, development to self-improvement and self-realization.
Many are sure that the real woman has to be the perfect hostess, the gentle, careful wife capable to listen and support the husband and also to be remarkable mother.
Others, on the contrary, idolize bitches, is always dazzling beautiful and passionate, independent and clever, not burdening themselves with family bonds, but at the same time demanding from the man of fidelity, devotion, expensive gifts and refined flowers.
Certainly, regardless of preference of the man, the woman has to look always well-groomed, beautiful, bright, be the focus of attention and it is correct to deliver himself to any company. Such nymph is capable to touch pliable strings of male heart, to be desired and favourite!

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