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Photos of girls on motorcycles 3

Photos of girls on motorcycles.
Lady and Tramp.

He was the ordinary hooligan,
Under a jacket hid “Revolver”,
It was strong, fearless,
Also it is very reckless.
He on life was a tramp,
Did not like to sit in place,
It was awfully proud of itself(himself),
Also plowed a scope of roads.
On “bike” cool dissected,
But here … he met the Lady.
Graceful, glamourous,
Serious, cultural.
From under eyelashes look of brown eyes,
Sparkled, as if diamond,
Boots, bag, fur coat.
“You got, the Pigeon!!!”
But deceived, incurred
Fate motor-wheel.
And without knowing that,
He fell in love accidentally.
The tramp liked to love,
But, how with freedom to be?
And having made a sharp turn,
Reverses to love!
And the Lady, sad is a little,
But, without having forgotten about motor-god,
Replaced suede and furs,
On a helmet and a jacket (PVC).
Are forgotten: long limousine,
Sunbed, SPA, and shop.
There is no friend’s a Lady better,
Than a bike from Moto Guzzi.
And, somehow, red traffic light
Went to it in defiance!
In a visor of “integral”,
Saw the tramp Ledi.
That to the girl waved a hand.
Like, we will get acquainted with you?!
She did not answer,
And by passed!!!
Green light – the opened gas,
It is not visible in a helmet of color of eyes,
He went not directly –
For the girl stubborn.
Tried to overtake it,
But unsuccessfully and again
That forces are, the motor roars,
And both enter turn!
It overtook. On brakes.
A helmet is removed. And brown eyes.
And without trusting itself,
Entrusted himself to Destiny!

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