Photos of beautiful wet girl 1

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Photos of beautiful wet girl.
the girl from water
Once I walked
On the river bank
Kicked with legs leaves
Suddenly I see bubbles
On a silent water smooth surface
The veil foamed
Also the mermaid came up
Was as snow it is white
Eyes burn with agate
And hair as silk
A little dumbfounded
I approached closer
She looked at me
Laughed so playfully
And a finger to water
Persistently attracted
And legs incurred me
As could resisted
Fell, hands to the earth, in vain
Repulse did not turn out
Already I concerned a boot
Waters cold in that river
And slowly slipped further and further
The grass slid on a hand
And here at a depth eyes
With the mermaid we were crossed
She all also smiled
And I on a bottom aspired down….

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