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Photos of beautiful angel girl.
There was an angel of young years
In its rooms paradise,
And the girl was,
But only customs infernal.
Then the Lord solved,
That will send them down,
That on the continent
Human stayed a whim.
And yes so two envoys,
Absolutely still young,
Went to Earth
To taste its fruits.
“And on Earth it is so cold”, –
She said.
And under the aegis at an angel
To be warmed approached.
He gently embraced her,
Warmed from cold weather.
And so they tasted
It is sensitive terrestrial fruits.
But what so heated the girl:
Wing or love,
That even at the young maiden
Blood raged in veins?
Looked at an angel
It happy look
And quietly begged
It always to be near.
Then she admitted
(Little girl of customs infernal),
What loves the angel
(Togo, from rooms paradise).
And the angel embraced her
And gently whispered:
“You my native
Always loved and waited…”.
The Lord saw all this,
Also knew what is not vain
Sent them to Earth.
Now here everything is fine.
My dear friend, Reader,
You are their descendant.
They created life,
Also there were no others.

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