Photo with tatto of girl 1

Photo with tatto of girl 2

Photo with tatto of girl 3

Photo with tatto of girl
About the girl. In
tattoos Yes, I, damn it
I believe in the brownie, Father Frost
And miracles.
Not always I can look in the face,
But history of my life is simple,
I always in the deepest whirlpool from the bridge,
Having collected all the internal in a heap
And hair to the spit,
I am ready to answer all questions.
About emotions, people, numbers, preparations,
About all my dark sides and back streets.
About the most frequent thoughts
And heavy walks.
About the most awful consequences
My most sincere acts.
About favourite animals, words, flowers, tricks.
About that adult aunt in the head
And little girl outside…
In tattoos.

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