Photo with beautiful girl and car 1

Photo with beautiful girl and car 2

Photo with beautiful girl and car 3

Photo with beautiful girl and car.
In protection of women driving.
There is nothing more beautifully on the road
Than the woman sitting in a car
Let in driving on the city – not gods.
But on the traffic light – that!
Do not cut and do not overtake.
Are always ready to concede the route.
Inspectors – them also respect.
Are ready to forgive to many woman.
Its movements are smooth, graceful.
Though even the owner has “Oka”.
Men look with the extended ugly face.
But so – it is impossible so far.
And signs – do not distract from roads
And rules for women – “about anything”.
Not often have accidents.
More soberly than men… usually… driving.
Having touched slightly your foreign car
Will always show a step will not cut in an eye.
Will begin to cry and at once it will become is a pity for them.
And having spat, you press on gas.
It is looked forward by car service.
And masters of those services – are right
Women – any hearing the price.
Usually do not bargain as we…..
With arrival of our women on roads
Everything exchanged – it became more cheerful.
And that men shocked many.
Roads are wider than steel… more exactly

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