Photo with beautiful girl and bike 1

Photo with beautiful girl and bike 2

Photo with beautiful girl and bike 3

Photo with beautiful girl and bike.
About the little girl in a red undershirt,
Do not poison soul!
Lawn situated near Moscow
In the middle of Moscow.
Touching the bicycle,
Silently you stand
At the Moscow Council,
At color posters.
In a red undershirt, in black trousers
Silently you stand
Young girl of the South …
Drips from roofs …
Also such gushed
Suddenly grief,
Tenacious and hard,
As pedal.
Cast a varnish and nickel
Perhaps you need the nipple
Youth with sour gifts:
Bread, war, cornel.
I darling on a frame,
You understand, did not carry!
But questions are meek
At firebirds.
At wheels bicycle
It is a lot of spokes.
In a May undershirt, fire,
On a saddle
You sit down, I understand,
Not to spite.
You rush without memory,
Swallowing of a chill.
Only ribbed for memories
Socklet …

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