Photo of girls fishing 1

Photo of girls fishing 2

Photo of girls fishing 3

Photo of girls fishing
Woman and fishing.

Since morning having stopped by in Spa salon

On half of hour having accepted massage
Ania decided to visit
The place where never was.

Nature. Marvelous river
Men gloomy full coast.
Not the place directly, and dream
Better – than a sofa and a TV set.

Only mosquitoes fly
And blood suck mine – infections
Well for men went
Never looked back pancake

I came with another of the party
To draw attention to itself
Whether they are patients
Stand – as the unconscious zombie.

I gloss of own nails
To them hares I let in muzzles
Threw off a dressing gown, about Kay!
I super girls, I have a rest.

Turned on the music – “Romshtayn”
Opened windows everything and doors
Suddenly I hear – the BOUGH!!, stop!!!
To me run – I do not trust eyes.

In the car my tape recorder
Take and impudently switch off
Growl as lions – on all salon
Also offer… no, not to tea

From them I in the wood, from fools
Graceful lynx escaped
Having lost couple of heels
And nail… after all broke!!

Goats got in the city
And here, same hogwash.
Well, horse-radish with it fish, so
Fishing – et not for me

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