Photo of girl in angel attire 1

Photo of girl in angel attire 2

Photo of girl in angel attire 3

Photo of girl in angel attire.
Girl Angel
You are a beautiful lady, I will not argue,
Your eyes warm me heat,
You believe, I will never forget you,
Even if with you we will not be together.
You are beautiful soul, and on appearance is charming,
Your Divine voice dements again,
I in dreams see you, my angel heavenly,
As the child it is naive as the rose is gentle.
I come into contact, and to you on the page,
I will look at your photos, then I will write,
I know what again will dream today me,
Lovely image which I so value.
But dreams are vain, I also understand,
You do not even know that it are pleasant to me,
You are not aware that I without you die,
Also I write these lines under the full moon.
I will add verses, I will begin to smoke a cigarette,
For you I left love between lines,
Again it is sad in soul to the young poet,
Without you my girl, my Angel.

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