Photo of a beautiful girl on a motorcycle 1

Photo of a beautiful girl on a motorcycle 2

Photo of a beautiful girl on a motorcycle 3

Photo of a beautiful girl on a motorcycle.
… It behind bus went after
And, a headlight blinking, sent it hi.
She watched it from a window,

Waving a hand, of enthusiasm it is full.

Then it on a baize gave a ride to her
And spoke to it about the love;
He wanted for it the defender to become
And though on the world’s end with it to whirl away!

She answered: “Why I to you?
Likely, in your uneasy destiny
Women were much,
And I still did not know caress …”

It lit up with such speech,
Having taken the maiden for shoulders, to her said in low tones:
“And you know, you just also are necessary to me!
I in the life suffered much wholly.

But only I did not lose hope.
Not for nothing I so long looked for you!
But it is, only, expensive – here my life.
You in marriage will go for such how I?”

She became puzzled … In a look – confusion …
And in heart the love and a doubt were restricted …
“Well, you take your time to speak “no” at once.
Think, and as you will solve, you will give me the answer”.

But only to it long to wait nevmoch …
And to think quicker to help,
He to it sang the serenade under a window,
And saw it and heard all house.

Having traveled all over open spaces on two wheels
He in the most different was the cities
And often spoke to it about it,
Than brought it into amazement.

“With it nothing is terrible any more any more –
Unless not it is important for the girl?
It will never leave in trouble!” –
She solved and answered: “Yes!”

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