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Photo beauty girls in lather
There was foam sea Aphrodite
There was foam sea Aphrodite,
And a leg graceful having stepped into a stone,
Took a view to the finely of mountains,
Having covered a smart camp with hair.

Also protected, and the sea, in the light of the Olympus
Witnesses of steel of a miracle of that
Goddess of love, beauty, with inspiration
Sea on the island descended from a stone.

And with a name this the history Cyprus
On eyelids connected, weaved, embraced.
Aphrodite’s font, here Cyprian star
Washed the shame, found rest.

Here Aphrodite’s temple – only ruins,
But how many greatness, power, love.
Only stones, fragments – antiquity of a drop,
Having concerned which any more not to forget.

Oh, the strange maiden, is beautiful you a face,
You are worshipped, honor beauty,
Sing of your camp, remember a cult
And to others settle in heart dream

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