Oriental dance with lights, beautiful video

Toasts to the wedding in verse
For the young, for their family,
Today I say a toast,
So that you live in prosperity,
And so that you do not know the woes.

For love to live always,
And in your children’s home,
So that everything was fine for you,
For happiness I’ll follow in person!

I wish you bright days,
And to live happier,
For your tenderness, a new family,
A glass of I’m happy to finish the bottom!
Toasts to the wedding in verse
I want to raise this glass for the birthday, the birthday of your family, what should now become your dearest. And I want to wish a newborn family health, happiness and mutual understanding. I would like to love, but she, as I see, you already have.
Toasts to the wedding in verse
Dear our young! Today, on the day of your great holiday, I would like to raise this glass for you, for what you are so different and because of this can love each other and for the fact that you have something in common and it seems that to understand each other without words !! For love and understanding!
Pleasant viewing of this fascinating and beautiful video of the eastern dance of a girl with fire. Write your feedback and comments after watching this video.

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