One of the most popular models of the 2000s, Yevgeny Volodin, video

Eugenia Vollodina Year of birth: 1984 Instagram: eugeniavolodina Eugenia first came to the podium as a model in 1998, after she passed a casting of a Russian modeling agency. Already in 2000 she moved to work in Paris. In 2002, her career went uphill, when she was offered to star in Italian Vogue, and also to take part in advertising Gucci together with Natalya Vodyanova. Later, the list of brands with which Evgeny collaborated expanded significantly. It became one of the most popular models of the 2000s. In the collection of Eugene a lot of fashionable glossy magazines and catalogs, on the covers of which her face is placed.
A wonderful mood when watching this amazing video of one of the most popular and popular Russian models. Write comments, comments after watching the video.

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