Not just a beautiful blonde - this is an amazing woman Charlize Theron, video

Shaplyz Teron Year of birth: 1975 Not just beautiful – this is an amazing woman. Its beauty can be called cold and in the role of females it looks organically. Ideal appearance Charlize and a sense of style were appreciated by many. It’s hard to believe, but in her childhood she did not differ in beauty. Up to 4 years, the actress did not have hair, and up to 11 front teeth. But at 13 the girl took up ballet, and already in 16 began to win at beauty contests. But one of them Theron noticed and offered a contract model. Today, the actress is the face of the house Dior and adorns a red carpet. But despite this, the actress had to make sacrifices in order to prove her outstanding actor’s talent. What is its role in the movie “Monster” and “Mad Max: the road of rage”. Charlize is a polyglot, knows Afrikaans and another 26 Burkish dialects. She is active in public life, loves animals and takes part in the activities of PETA, actively finances the construction of football fields in her native South Africa. The actress has her own charity company to fight HIV.
beautiful view this interesting video.

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