Newlyweds are bathing in the river, a video of good mood

The best toasts for the wedding
Dear newlyweds, today, on the happy day of your wedding, I would like to recall one very wise idea. It is said that the road of a thousand miles begins with the smallest step. So, I would like to wish you to start your long and happy marriage from this day, and let it be for you the most joyful and cheerful!
The best toasts for the wedding
Dear newlyweds! I drink to the bottom for your family to be as solid as a diamond, tender as silk, beautiful as a blossoming rose, as hardy as a camel, and fertile as a wheat field. Eat for two a pood of salt and ascend to the top of the wisdom of life!
The best toasts for the wedding
For the young today I’ll drink,
And I wish them well,
Let your family be strong,
Love lives, let the ages!

I wish to understand each other,
Appreciate, cherish and respect,
I wish you patience, happiness,
Little children grow up!
A fascinating and fun video viewing, where the newlyweds are bathing in the river on their wedding day. Write comments, feedback and feedback after watching the video.

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